Viewport Typeface

Viewport is a quirky sans-serif typeface that is a synthesis of two different genres of typefaces: geometric and dynamic. It is on built on a square, geometric foundation, and has dynamic details that nod to calligraphy. Dynamic typefaces tend to have a handmade, friendly quality, while geometric typefaces tend to feel more rigid, even futuristic.

Viewport is a combination of two type “genres”: the dynamic model is derived from handwriting (left), while the geometric model’s origins are closer to drawing precisely with a compass (right).

Additionally, I looked to type and lettering found on mid-century paperback book covers. Typefaces like calligraphic heart-thumpers like Jacno, Lydian, Klang, and squarish clunkers like Eurostile, Microgramma, and Modula. Ultimately, extreme stylistic details faded in favor of a cleaner design, but my aim was retain some the spirit of these initial influences.

Inspiration: The typographic universe of pulp fiction. Calligraphy-influenced typefaces on romance titles on the left, and square geometric typefaces on scifi titles on the right.

The project is ongoing and trial fonts will be available Summer 2016.