Viewport Typeface

Viewport is a quirky sans-serif typeface that is a synthesis of two different genres of typefaces: geometric and dynamic. It is on built on a square, geometric foundation, and has dynamic details that nod to calligraphy. Dynamic typefaces tend to have a handmade, friendly quality, while geometric typefaces tend to feel more rigid, even futuristic.

Viewport is a combination of two type “genres”: the dynamic model is derived from handwriting (left), while the geometric model’s origins are closer to drawing precisely with a compass (right).

Additionally, I took some influence for the styles of type and lettering found on mid-century paperback book covers. Its stylistic influences are calligraphic heartthrobs like Lydian, Klang, and Fanfare, and squarish clunkers like Microgramma, Eurostile, and Modula.

Inspiration: The typographic universe of pulp fiction. Calligraphy-influenced typefaces on romance titles on the left, and square geometric typefaces on scifi titles on the right.

My obsession with type has grown during my time at ExpandTheRoom, where I am a senior designer. Type became a focus of my design practice, and I gradually became more interested in designing my own typeface. To sharpen my skills, I enrolled in several workshops at the Type@Cooper program here in New York.

The project is still ongoing. The regular weight of Viewport is mostly complete and more weights and widths with italics are in the works. In addition to its extensive character set, Viewport has several features for the discerning typographer:

Lining and oldstyle figures.
Alternate "schoolbook" styles for the lowercase a and g.
Alternate “schoolbook” styles for the lowercase a and g.
Alternate capitals provide classic sci-fi vibes.

I’ll be releasing the regular weight soon, and please get in touch if you’d like to test drive a beta version.