Viewport is inspired by both humanist and geometric type genres, without being a direct reference to previous designs. The concept for the design was to "draw" contrasted strokes on a sturdy, squarish armature.

Early inspiration came from quirky lettering and type on the mid-century book covers. Extreme details faded in favor of a simpler design, but Viewport hopefully retains the spirit of its initial influence.

The roman and italic styles of the medium weight are nearly complete. The final type family will support Latin-based Central European langauges. Follow @reidhitt for updates.

Food & Wine

Responsive Redesign

Iconic food and lifestyle brand Food & Wine partnered with ExpandTheRoom to redesign their website. I was responsible for art direction, visual design and UI design.

Food & Wine is a classic brand with worldclass content. Many of there users were browsing recipes, but not staying to discover their other content like articles and video. Together, we crafted solutions that both elevated the brand and made it easier for their users to navigate the site. Knowing their audience is primarily on mobile, we prioritized the mobile experience, while still creating impactful moments on tablet and desktop.

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Expressive typography and deliberate use of color and embellishment establish brand voice without distracting from the expereince.
Homepage and channel pages have a modular design that supports a variety of editorially-controlled and automated sections.

On an editorial site, visuals and typography convey a majority of a brand's voice and credibility. In close collaboration with the client, we crafted an robust yet simple design system that supports F&W's gorgeous images and video. The typography needed to balance brand personality and utility: expressive headline typefaces speak for the brand, while a more straightfoward typeface is used for text and navigation.

The result of our collaboration with Food & Wine was a huge increase in number of pages viewed per visit and improved ad viewability.
Recipe page featuring large carousel allowing the user to discover more recipes.